Zero Computers is a local IT operation in Southern California, bringing quality service and years of experience to your home and small office.  We're committed to fair and honest assessments of your technical needs and getting your system working exactly the way you'd like it right off the bat. We understand that many people's computers are their lives, if not livelihoods and work as quickly as possible to get you back on your feet.

I have been working on computers much longer than I haven't.  I was always that kid who pulled the vacuum apart to see how it works and my mother was pleased and amazed that when I put it back together, not only did it work, but it worked better than it had before. Zero Computers has over 20 years of accumulated experience with computers, and I have personally been a system administrator for the last 10 years. We specialize in small business and home setups, but we also have experience in the medical industry as well as installing and establishing POS systems. Technology is a passion of mine and I take great pride in the work performed by Zero Computers. We also stay up to date on the most recent technology in the computer field. I'm proud of what we do here at Zero Computers.

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Desktop/Laptop Support

We support Microsoft Windows Operating Systems from Windows XP (Home & Pro) through the newest Windows 10 as well as all current Mac OS X versions. This includes all Desktop and Laptop varieties as well as Windows Tablets.

Mobile Devices

If you're having trouble with your mobile device or tablet we can help with that. This includes but is not limited to software and hardware support for both Android and iOS devices as well as "Rooted" and "Jailbroken" devices.


Whether you're a home user or business we can take care of your needs. We handle Servers and network equipment, wired or wireless. We can handle everything from installing new hardware to running cable or setting up existing equipment after a move.

Secure Remote Support

If you ever run into trouble and need a bit of assisstance we can remotely connect to any of your computers and help you work through the problem. Once a connection is established, all traffic is encrypted with end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same technology trusted by major banking institutions to allow secure online banking.

Custom Computers

Our computers are built with the individual customer in mind. We only use quality parts from reputable manufacturers. Each computer is loaded by hand and free from bloatware applications that you don't need or want. We only install what is essential and what the customer wants. Computers also undergo testing and burning-in to make sure all parts are compatible and in working order.

Any Other Technical Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. We can help with the largest problems or the smallest. If you're having trouble with your new device or software we're here to help and teach. The more you know and understand the better we all are.